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Was thrilled that the order turned up so quickly! Products came just in time for the hens party thanks guys!

– Kel

Very happy with the item, thanks

– mitch

Cheers for the extra free product, I will refer you to others. Thanks

– Sasha

No more awkward over the counter purchases from the adult store down the road lol. I buy everything online now and much cheaper too. Thanks guys.

– Anon

Can't wait to give my new toys a whirl! My friend told me about Forbidden Toys so I know I'm getting good quality.

– Cathy

I’ve always been worried about ordering sex toys online because I live with roommates and don’t want them to know and the packaging I’ve bought before has been really obvious. Finally bought a few little things from Forbidden Toys after a friend recommended it.

– JO

Normally don’t buy this sort of stuff online but will continue with you guys because is it so much cheaper and easy! I saw the same vibrator in a real shop for twice as much. Will shop online here again.

– Shell

I convinced my wife to try something naughty and bought some s and m rope, blindfold, feather wand, the whole thing. Turns out, I enjoy it more than her! Nearly lost it with just a few touches. If you haven’t tried to, definitely heats up things.

– John

Thanks Forbidden Toys for my new crystal vibrator, works wonders and I don’t feel so awkward like I would with a realistic shape. Very pleased with the subtle packaging on delivery.

– Anon

Fast delivery and very sneaky! No information on the pack that show what I’ve been buying. Great for people with annoying housemates!!!

– Anonymous

The best thing about Forbidden Toys is the cheap prices. You can find the same products everywhere online but why pay double for the exact same thing. Plus they don’t stitch you up will ridiculous postage on top!!

– Caleb

Very pleased with the service at Forbidden Toys, answered all my questions before my order!

– Anonymous

Highly recommend!!!! Thanks for free gift

– JJ

Tried the vibrating nipple suckers (completely new for me). I thought they would have more power but they were actually so perfect for me. I’ve never felt that turned on during foreplay! Boyfriend was very pleased with himself lol. Thanks.

– Kate

There is nothing better than coming home to my latest Forbidden Toys package. Cheers guys!

– Jet

My boyfriend and I bought the Sex Toy Kit recently and it is amazing! We never used toys before and now we can’t get enough! Great starter kit!

– Latisha

I’ve found you guys have a really great selection to choose from. Everything I need even accessories like lube, whips, blindfolds… ;)

– Evie

Yes Yes YES! Thanks you for my new super rabbit vibrator! No other toys has worked quite like it one. Sorry for the over share but glad to have found my new fave toy lol. Already told my all girlfriends.

– Rach

I recommend the Magic Silicone Massager from the ‘For Her’ section. I like adult products that are more elegant and mature. These massagers have powerful vibrations and the silicone is very good quality. The best part is that they can be charged by the computer which means your not running around looking for batteries.

– Anonymous

I buy all my sex toys from Forbidden Toys because they are an Australian based company you can trust. You aren’t waiting weeks for products to come from the other side of the world. Nothing better than quick delivery.

– Johnno

Great products and prices, will buy again!

– Rafal

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BackWhy Anal Sex? Why Not?

Why Anal Sex? Why Not?

Anal sex… What exactly is the fuss about anal sex? Many women cringe at the mere mention of the topic with utter disdain. It’s only shown on adult sites. It’s not what’s considered acceptable on a normal setting. Why would you let a guy in at your back door when you have a vagina for crying out loud?! Oh, but the real question is… Why not?

Just open up your mind a little bit and you might be surprised that going at it from ‘the behind’ can actually make you look at sex in a totally different light. Don’t be put off by women claiming they’ve had an awful experience by making the mistake of trying it out. I feel sorry for their experience. As a matter of fact, it brings about a different kind of pleasure. You must give it a shot at least once and see for yourself!

And who says that anal sex is all about the guys’ pleasure? Someone who hasn’t had any experience on the matter, obviously. Women get pleasure from anal sex too. Just relax your anal muscles and given the right position, brace yourself because you’d be bound to see stars! If you want, you can practice using anal toys. This way, you’ll get to have a taste of how it feels. You won’t be afraid because you’re in control. You can even try different sizes with variations in speed and intensity of vibrations. You’ll see, there’s a totally different kind of pleasure waiting for you.

So if you want an even more exciting sex life, be daring enough to try anal sex! Here’s why:

Worry-free sex. Well it’s very self explanatory. Vaginal sex gets you pregnant. Anal sex doesn’t. Nothing will stop you from setting free your wild and dirty alter ego when you don’t have anything nagging at the back of your mind.

Unleashing the kinky, wild temptress. No matter how good a girl you are, you definitely have that secret desire to be naughty and freakish. Everybody has a ‘slutty’ side to them they keep in the innermost recesses of their persona. The lust for something carnal and savage begs to be freed from time to time. Introduce the alluring, wild vixen to your partner by letting him slam his thing into your tight ass. Trust me. You’re doing both of you a favour.

Builds intimate connections. This is not just like the classic vaginal sex that you can do with whoever you want to do it with. It isn’t easy - specifically for women - to agree to anal sex in a blink of an eye. For her to agree to it requires trust ---and a huge amount of trust at that. You’ll know when your relationship has gone up a notch when you’re finally adding butt sex to your bedroom action.

Being in control. What does anal sex have anything to do with being in control? Yes, it does look like a scene from a dom/sub play at first glance but, in actuality, it means power for both participants. It would be liberating for the woman to embrace her desires to be naughty and wild. It gives the her control over her man for allowing him to f*ck her from behind. Trust me, he’ll practically drop to his knees begging for more!

Mind-blowing orgasms. This depends on how you cooperate. Of course, never go to battle without a lube. Unlike the vagina, the butt hole does not have a natural lubricant so you would need to apply one in order to get the penis inside. Now, the most challenging part is getting the tip to enter the anal opening as it has the widest girth. Once the tip is in, it will start to feel better. Experiment with the movements. What’s great about anal sex is that it allows the penis to hit the G-spot when you’re doing it doggy style. It’s an entirely different kind of orgasm but as mind blowing and earth shattering nonetheless.

Love Always,

Ms Cherry xoxo

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